Convenience at your Command

Stop wasting valuable hours sifting through various dashboards, excel sheets, pdfs and analytics to find your key data. In the matter of moments it takes you to ask a question, your voice assistant will recite your Website's analytics and ecommerce reports directly to you. This takes the hassle out of wading through data, so you can kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee while your voice assistant tells you your key metrics.

How it Works

With a little help from Google Analytics, OnlineStore.Tips tracks and stores your Website traffic and visitor data. Further, our database houses your Website's entire sales history. With all this data at our fingertips and some behind-the-scenes work, we securely connect your data to your voice assistant, so you can access it anywhere, anytime. Simply sign up for our program and download the free app from Amazon, Google or Apple to get going!


• Question: how does this Alexa know about my online store?
Answer: Your Amazon account is linked to your website through your Online Store account.

• Question: can other people's Alexa see my data?
Answer: No. The information is only available when you are logged into your Alexa device with the Online Store skill enabled and linked to your account.

• Question: can this work with multiple Alexa assistants?
Answer: Yes. This will work with every Alexa assistant configured with your personal Amazon account.

Ask! and you Shall Receive

Demonstrating with Alexa, these are the audible reports you can receive:

"Alexa, ask Online Store for my briefing."

Sip your coffee while Alexa recites your online sales for the prior day and month-to-date, and plan your day as she tells you how many new orders were placed and how many unshipped orders are pending.

"Alexa, ask Online Store for complete briefing."

She'll instantly tell you how much you sold yesterday and month-to-date, and how that compares with last month and last year. She knows how many sales were made yesterday and whether they have shipped yet. She can even tell you how many visitors went to your website, and how this compares to your busiest day.

"Alexa, ask Online Store for website traffic."

Keep asking Alexa questions, and she'll tell you how long website visitors stay on your site—she can even tell you if they're male or female, and their age bracket.

"Alexa, ask Online Store for gross margin."

Did you wake up with more money in your pocket? Alexa will tell you how many sales you made with each vendor, and your gross profit.

"Alexa, ask Online Store for sales trends."

Compare yesterday's sales to the sale time last month in dollars and percentages. Alexa even knows your year-to-date totals and how this compares to last year.

"Alexa, ask Online Store for order status."

Your Online Store Tips will tell you how many orders were placed yesterday, and how many were shipped. You'll know how many orders are pending and unshipped before you tie your tie (but nobody wears ties anymore, right?).